At Inetz Technologies, we aim to optimize your IT/Network performance and minimize downtime with comprehensive solutions built with trusted technologies.

Our Engineers utilize a wide range of technical skills, management tools, industry best practices and processes that enable us to proactively view and manage the latest technologies for delivering worldwide connectivity while containing costs and alleviating risk.

Reduce your risk, prepare for what’s next, and expand your possibilities with strategic guidance and expert advice from Inetz Technologies.

LAN/WAN Network Solutions

At Inetz Technologies, we will design the next generation network infrastructure to include end-to-end, enterprise network services to support your business objectives.

– We can help you monitor your network infrastructure with a single-pane management

– We can help you automate connectivity with Software-Defined Application-Aware Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)


Conduct detailed discovery of current environment. Create a pre-built design for desired environment.


Pilot the proposed solution. Stage and configure network equipment. Install and test the newly deployed solution.


Review solution and provide knowledge transfer. Additional staff training, if needed. Ongoing solution support and management.


Effective communication with client. Avoid unforeseen project delays. Reduce deployment issues.

Pilot the proposed solution. Stage and configure network equipment. Install and test the newly delpoyed solution.

Data Center Solutions
Data Center Networking

Every company wants to increase its network agility and capacity as the business grows
and needs change. Inetz Technologies helps you secure your network traffic as demand increases. Inetz Technologies also creates a single dashboard for your system management.

Servers and Virtualization

Are you paying too much for physical servers? Are you getting the most out of your server assets? We can help you reduce the need for new server deployments and simplify management and system provisioning.

Virtual Desktops and Applications

Inetz Technologies simplifies and streamlines your applications. We also increase end-user productivity by centralizing desktop management via virtualization.