About the Company

At Inetz Technologies we believe that quality service is conformance to our client’s requirements.

  • We work with each and every client to understand their unique needs and
    how we can provide solutions which add value through the technology.
  • Our engineers are ready to take on the next challenge.
  • We value the opportunity to partner with your IT team to create solutions.
  • Our team knows how to cost-consciously take care of your business better and faster so that we add value to your organization.
  • Our consultants and project managers will ensure the successful fulfillment of your scope of work!


About the CEO, Stefan Lukanov

Stefan is responsible for the company’s vision, strategy and performance.  His focus is on leading projects and executing new initiatives.  Stefan brings his passion for customer service and technology expertise together to help our customers stay focused on their revenue generating activities and leaves the technology to us.

Stefan has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles, including engineering, support, sales, and operations.

Stefan received a Master of Business Administration from Wingate University in North Carolina and a B.S. in Industrial Technology from Eastern Kentucky University in Kentucky.

Stefan has been professionally certified as a Cisco Professional Network Engineer since 2002 and AWS Professional Network Architect since 2018. All certifications are current.

Stefan enjoys Spanish cuisine and traveling internationally.  Stefan also likes to read about Real Estate Investing and spends some of his free time hiking.